10000 Harlequin BFS 240 Volt BioFuel Station

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10000 Harlequin BFS 240 Volt BioFuel StationLength: 3250 mm
Width: 2800 mm
Height: 3350 mm
Weight: 725 kg
Actual capacity: 10,100 litres
Nominal capacity: 9595 litres

Fitted with:
  • Cobalt Connect Fuel Management System
  • 2 BSP Offset Fill Point with Non Return Valve, Lever Type Isolation Valve, Plastic Screw Cap and Chain;
  • 4 Inspection Aperture with Plastic Screw Cap;
  • Fuel Tank Vent;
  • External, Lockable Manhole Access;
  • Lockable Equipment Access;
  • Inbuilt LRC failsafe overfill prevention capability
  • 50lpm Biodiesel transfer pump;
  • Biodiesel resistant 6 metre Fuel Delivery Hose;
  • Mechanical Fuel Flow Meter
  • Automatic Shut Off Nozzle;
  • Emergency Isolation Switch;
  • Bunded Construction;
  • Integrated Particulate / Water filter
Harlequin's 10000BFS BioFuel Station is now supplied with the Cobalt Connect Fuel Management System as standard. Key activated for security, the system incorporates run dry protection and low level warning alert as standard. The Cobalt Connect fuel management system doubles as a fuel tank contents gauge, displaying the level of fuel remaining as a percentage of total tank volume and also acts a fuel flow meter when fuel is being dispensed. The unit can store up to 80 events and information can be easily downloaded via a USB stick to almost any PC or laptop on demand.