125 CEMO DT-Mobil Easy, Mobile Diesel Refuelling Unit

DT-Mobil Pump Type :
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125 CEMO DT-Mobil Easy, Mobile Diesel Refuelling UnitDT Mobile Easy 125 litre with hand pump or 12v electric pump - please select pump option above.
Approved for transport with immediate consumption according to ADR

Length: 80 mm
Width: 60 mm
Height: 45 mm
Capacity: 125 litres

Comprises of:-
  • single-walled polyethylene
  • integral delivery nozzle holder
  • integral filling tube
  • integrated ventilation with pressure relief
  • integral forklift slots and handles
  • integral recesses or loops for tension belts during transport
  • Plus your choice of the following options:
    • hand pump: 25 l/min, 2.7m filling hose and manual nozzle, or
    • self-priming electric pump: 12v, 25 l/min, with automatic delivery nozzle, 4m filling hose and 4m electric cable.

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