1400 Harlequin BFS 240 Volt BioFuel Station

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1400 Harlequin BFS 240 Volt BioFuel StationDiameter: 1570 mm
Height: 1850 mm
Weight: 147 kg
Actual capacity: 1487 litres
Nominal capacity: 1413 litres

Fitted with:
  • Bio compatible pump
  • 4 metre Bio resistant hose and fuel delivery system
  • failsafe overfill prevention capability
  • emergency isolation switch
  • electronic contents gauge
  • bulkhead light
  • bio compatible filter (replacement filters available, see bottom of this section) and
  • lockable access.

Mechanical flow meter is an optional extra on this model (see bottom of this section ) Click on "ADD TO CART" against Flow Meter