1450 Harlequin BB ENV Bunded BioDiesel Tank

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1450 Harlequin BB ENV Bunded BioDiesel Tank1450 BioBund, B100 (to BS EN14214) compatible bunded fuel tank.
  • Factory-fitted top outlet
  • 1" dia stainless steel suction pipe
  • 80 micron strainer
  • non return valve
  • 2" BSP fill point
  • 4" inspection aperture
  • electronic contents gauge
  • LRC failsafe overfill prevention probe
  • bund warning alarm
  • integral weatherproof venting and
  • lockable access.

Ideal for storage of BioDiesel at installations serving fixed combustion appliances and pedestal dispensing units such as a W & M (Weights & Measures) approved 240 volt pedestal unit, allowing BioDiesel (to BS EN 14214) to be resold (see below).

(Installation should be carried out by a trained professional and will necessitate extra pipework and fittings. Hard piping essential for supply to pedestal units)

Diameter: 1540 mm
Height: 1590 mm
Weight: 105kg
Actual capacity: 1487 litres
Nominal capacity: 1413 litres