Bunded Oil Tank Alarm Lock

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Bunded Oil Tank Alarm LockWith a 100 db alarm, vandal resistant locking and low cost protection against fuel theft, this tank alarm is sure to be popular.

  • Retractable cable up to 60cm (thread through the eyelets on the 2" filler and 4" inspection point and then fasten the lock)
  • 100 db alarm
  • Combination lock (set it to your own code)

Available as an optional extra on every tank within the Harlequin range (under 3000 litres capacity), this high security, small and portable lock triggers a 100db alarm when the cable is cut or the lock is attacked. A motion sensor can also be set, sounding the alarm if the lock is disturbed.

Although primarily designed for use on Harlequin tanks, this high security lock can be used on other tanks, providing eyelets are available to thread the cable through. (Unsuitable for single skin tanks, those with offset or remote fill points or ones with fill point located outside the bund area)