Bunded Tank Accessories

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Bunded Tank AccessoriesFor ease of installation and maximum monitoring, our Harlequin iTank Pro Bunded Tanks are supplied complete with a comprehensive kit of fittings and accessories:

  • 2" Lockable Fill Point with Screw Cap
  • 4" Lockable Inspection Aperture with Plastic Screw Cap 
  • 2" Vent 
  • Lockable Manhole Access 
  • Oil Tank Contents Dipstick 
  • Apollo Electronic Oil Tank Contents Gauge 
  • Oil Tank Bund Warning Alarm 
  • LRC Failsafe Overfill Prevention Capability 
  • 1" BSP Bottom Outlet complete with Oil Tank Fitting Kit - BND Bottom Outlet Bunded Oil Tank models only 

NEW Atkinson 'Tank Top' Top Outlet System comprising
  • Floating Oil Tank Suction Line;
  • Non Return Valve;
  • Fully Serviceable Filter;
  • Anti-Siphon Valve;
  • Self Prime Button; and
  • choice of Compression or Push Fit Oil Line Connections ENV Top Outlet Bunded Oil Tank models only (350 has no Apollo gauge, bund alarm or bottom outlet fitting kit on BND model / Tanktop on ENV model.)

The Apollo Oil Level Monitor, Bund Alarm, Tanktop and Tiger Loop (see Tank Accessories) can be purchased separately for other tanks