COUNTDownZero - bulk supply

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COUNTDownZero - bulk supplyAre you a large fuel user with bulk tanks?
Why not join our bulk users saving £100's, and in some cases £1000's, on their fuel bills now using COUNTDownZero? With a treatment ratio of 1000:1, COUNTDownZero is easy and economical to use. (Double the dose for tanks badly infected with Diesel Bacteria)

Concerned about diesel bacteria in bulk tanks?
COUNTDownZero (in 1 litre bottles and above) now features a BIOCIDE to act against Diesel Bacteria and ease concerns over the introduction to Class D gas oil of up to 7% FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester which is liquid biodiesel) from January 2011.

COUNTDownZero is available now in:
  • 25 litre drums
  • 200 litre barrels and
  • IBC's. IBC orders qualify for delivery by our own transport and pumping directly into your bulk tanks (safe and suitable access / filler point necessary).
We can supply dedicated COUNTDownZero tanks and pumping systems too, for easy dosing at large installations (see examples opposite).

Contact us now for details and bulk prices.

Beat the "diesel bug" and act now!