Multitank Pump set 12

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Multitank Pump set 12 All that you need to turn your Multitank into a 12v operated diesel filling station!

CENTRI 8640 12v 31 l/min approx. Complete with manual nozzle, 4 meter delivery hose and battery fly leads.
Fits easily onto any 2" screw mount and suitable for barrels etc. also as shown

N.B. Flow meter shown in picture is not fitted but can be purchased as an extra, please call
  • Light and robust construction? Also for continuous operation
  • Simple handling due to low weight
  • 2" connector for all commerciallyA
  • Available tanks and drums
  • Suction hose with foot filter
  • Integrated hand pump for priming

The pump's operating principle

In a centrifugal pump, the liquid is accelerated within the pump housing by an impeller and transported by the resultant centrifugal force. Since the rotating components do not come into contact with the pump casing, wear is very low, which results in a long service life.