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Tank Accessories and Security

Here' s where you can see accessories to complete or improve your installation:
(Items shown are the most popular but check with us for other requirements, there's a good chance we can help!)
£ 155.55
(-6.78%) £ 145.00
Piusi Manual Stainless Rotary AdBlue PumpThis new Puisi pump is a manually operated AdBlue pump specially designed for the transfer of AdBlue (also referred to as DEF), when mains power is not available. This AdBlue Hand Pump has a new higher specification; being more durable, has silky smooth operation, is made with stainless steel rather than plastic and is Italian manufactured – guaranteeing excellent quality and service life.
£ 49.50
In Stock
Apollo Oil Level MonitorThe universal oil tank monitoring system and a new low price!

Apollo Ultrasonic – the reliable way to check your oil... and you can soon see if you have a leak or contents have been stolen!
£ 77.70
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NEW! Apollo Smart - Ultrasonic Multi-Function Oil Monitoring GaugeMore than just an oil level gauge, the NEW Apollo Smart monitors your tank level in litres, your heating oil costs and fuel consumption by day, week, month and year now features an inbuilt Fuel Theft Alarm. 

£ 49.00
In Stock
BioDiesel Fuel Replacement FilterSuitable for all standard Harlequin BioFuel Stations and for Biodiesel fuel.

Order one now as back up!

Should be changed every 12 months.
£ 28.30
In Stock
Carbery PluspackEverything required for a standard bottom outlet tank installation. This Tank Fitting Kit contains: reducer, isolation valve, filter, compression fittings, PTFE tape and liquid sealant.
£ 143.20
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Carbery Smartpack

The ultimate pack! Comes with the Apollo Smart Heating Oil Energy Monitor (monitors CO2 emissions, fuel consumption, energy costs and tank level!) and Tank Fitting Kit.

£ 87.55
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Carbery UltrapackThe ever-popular Apollo Ultrasonic Tank Contents Gauge together with Tank Fitting Kit. To complete the installation, just connect the oil supply line!
£ 90.00
In Stock
Continuous Read Hydrostatic Tank Contents GaugeFactory fitted tank contents gauge. With no batteries to fit and no buttons to press… monitoring waste oils and lubricants has never been easier!

(Please note that this item is factory fitted at time of ordering. Cannot be retro-fitted.)
£ 42.50
In Stock
Combination 10 Micron Debris and Water FilterNEW Get added protection and add to your Derv Pack order. We'll factory fit, in line, next to pump.
Why not order a spare filter element'll need it!
(Fuel flow reduced when filter needs replacing)

Save £2.50 for ordering with your Derv Pack - £45 each when ordering separately
£ 247.00
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12 Volt Medium Duty Pump50 litres per minute 12v (3000) self priming diesel transfer pump.
Fitted with thermal motor overload protection, cable and battery clips
30 minute duty cycle

£ 517.00
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12 volt Heavy Duty, 55 litres per minute pump with thermal overload protection and fitted with 4 meter cable and clips.
  • Duty cycle 30 minutes per hour.
  • Flameprrof
  • Extremely robust and very reliable.
£ 49.50
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Apollo Electronic Contents GaugeThe universal oil tank monitoring system and a new low price!

Apollo - the reliable way to check your oil... and you can soon see if you have a leak or contents have been stolen!
£ 18.95
In Stock
Float GaugeKeep a check on your tank contents.
Easy fit to socket provided
(model supplied is appropriate to the tank you order)
£ 205.00
(-2.93%) £ 199.00
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Multitank Pump Set 230All that you need to turn your Multitank into a mains operated diesel filling station!

CENTRI 8639 230/240V 38 l/min approx. Complete with with auto nozzle and 4 meter delivery hose. Fits easily onto the 2"screw mount.
£ 199.00
In Stock
Multitank Pump set 12All that you need to turn your Multitank into a 12v operated diesel filling station!

N.B. Flow meter shown in picture is not fitted but can be purchased as an extra, please call
£ 79.95
In Stock
Multi-purpose Manual PumpIf you need to dispense and there's no power or battery, our robust, yet inexpensive manual pump (model 1452) is what you need. 2" fitting to mount on tank top. 1/4 litre per stroke through 1.5 meter dispensing hose. Suction pipe can be altered to fit other containers / drums.
Suitable for diesel, biodiesel, heating oil, petrol, undiluted antifreeze, mineral oils up to SAE 50
£ 89.00
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Combination Filter
  • Factory fitted large 10 micron combination water and debris filter.
  • Prevents water and debris entering your vehicles.
We suggest you order a spare element too. You'll need it when the filter needs changing and the flow of fuel ceases!
£ 49.00
In Stock
Combination Filter ElementBuy one of these when you order a factory fitted filter... you'll need it!

£ 19.95
In Stock
4" Lockable Inspection CoverKeep your fuel safe!

Protect your tank with the 4" Lockable Oil Tank Inspection Cover in oil resistant polymer. Suitable for retrofit to Harlequin tanks incorporating an existing 4" Inspection Aperture and Screw Cap. 
£ 52.50
In Stock
NEW Spinsecure TankLock (2" Male fill points)TankLock is a locking device that will fit to a standard 2" fill point inlet on a fuel tank.
  • Its clever design utilises Spin Secure technology in that when the cap is locked it spins freely and is almost impossible to remove.
  • Unlike most two piece locking caps, TankLock features a one piece padlock free design. There are NO torque points for forced entry using crow bars ensuring your tank contents are as safe and secure as possible.