The COUNTDownZero 3 pack

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The COUNTDownZero 3 packIdeal for the larger user and allows you to treat your bulk tanks.

Concerned about diesel bacteria in bulk tanks?
COUNTDownZero (in 1 litre bottles and above) now features a BIOCIDE to act against Diesel Bacteria and ease concerns over the introduction to Class D gas oil of up to 7% FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Ester which is liquid biodiesel) from January 2011.

The 3 Pack contains 3 x 1 litre bottles of the very latest product, enough to treat 3000 litres of diesel fuel! (Double the dose if you suspect bacterial growth). Ideal if you have your own Fuel Station. Add a pack to your basket when ordering your tank.

There's a £3 voucher in your pack to use if you introduce a friend too! Contact us for more details

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